Commodore’s Corner – February 2020

Are you ready for a fun year with your Spindrift sailing mates?

Your 2020 Board had their first meeting and put together an events calendar that we hope you’ll be happy with. We’d like to get back to some basics like some night sails, movies, including a kids feature, entree’s supplied at the socials, etc.  

From left: Sue Oats (Commodore), Michelle Dial (Treasurer), Larry Miers (Vice Commodore of Training), Mark Owens (Vice Commodore of Racing), and Julie Cunningham (Secretary).

Julie Cunningham, your Secretary has developed a new website for you to stay updated with the latest. Please take a look at it – It’s easy to maneuver around and very informative. If you have any questions, please contact her at Julie is planning to have a quick training session before our April social to insure that everyone is comfortable with the site. We are creating a way for members “only” to see the roster. She has also set up a Facebook group for fun comments and updates about lake conditions and events.  Of course, we will still send out emails concerning club activities and if anyone would like phone calls to stay updated, please let me know.  

Larry Miers, your Training Commodore has some great ideas. Overall, training will be held before the socials, but there may be a few exceptions.  First on the list, in March, Mark is planning to go thru our general racing rules. In April, as I mentioned, Julie will make sure we are all comfortable getting around in our new webpage.  Any questions or comments for Larry can be sent to –

The Race Commodore, Mark Owens, is very familiar with handling the racing season. You probably already know that this will be his 3rd consecutive year organizing the races. If there are any new ideas or suggestions, please get with him or bring them to the March training.  We can always use volunteers at the races to blow up or set up marks, etc.  Since we do not have a Rear Commodore this year, it will be up to the racers to share the “after the race” meal responsibilities. We think everyone really enjoys this camaraderie, so I hope we can make this transition.  Mark-

Treasurer, what can I say…..  Michelle could only stay away for 1 year, but she is taking on a new role. As you probably know, Michelle has been on the board longer than anyone in the Spindrift existence, but she has always served as the Secretary.  This year she has accepted the role of Treasurer, which I expect will be handled with same excellence.  The great thing is, she has so much knowledge of the workings of the club that any transitions should run much smoother.

Rear Commodore, well, I have an old saying and this is the perfect time to bring it back. “It takes a (village) Sail Club”.  If you may remember, we don’t have a Rear Commodore this year.  Thankfully,  a few of you have already volunteered to help. We may have to play 2020 by ear, but to start out, the general plan is to have a monthly volunteer to provide the entree and set up the pavilion for the meal.  All of the utensils and supplies will be in pavilion storage closet, ready to go.   The exciting part is…. the monthly volunteer has the option to decide if they want a theme and how far they want that theme to go, ie, decorations, etc. Get your friends together and make some fun.  Of course the club will cover the entree, monetarily.   (Sue Oats will be taking the March social. Details to follow per website and email.)

Commodore, Yep, I’m back and excited to be working with the 2020 board members and all of you again. This year will pose some challenges by not having a Rear Commodore, but I’m sure we will come thru the year even stronger by getting more people involved and hopefully, new ideas because of this empty slot. Since I have held this position before, I was able to go through helpful emails as far back as 2011 to bring up some forgotten ideas.  One of the things we will be doing is having a reunion, so in the next few months, if you see some of your former Spindrift Club member friends, please let them know that we will be inviting them to the April Social.

As always, thank you for all of your support. Feel free to contact any of us with any questions or concerns.  

Seas the day!

Your Commodore,

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