February 2020 Board Minutes

Asynchronous (via email and messenger)

Board Members

Present: Sue Oats, Michelle Dial, Larry Miers, Julie Cunningham, Mark Owens

Absent: None

Guests: None

  • Minutes: No prior minutes to approve.
  • General Discussion (All Board Participation)
    1. Maps
      • Discussion of Oologah chart book development similar to the one from Grand Lake. As there is an existing fishing map for Oologah, decision is to table this for now.
      • Laminated map at the end of dock 6 needed. Still being considered.
    2. Website updates
      • History – Listing of historical commodores added from spiral bound directory. Interest in connecting with Mark Lobo for more historical information.
      • Web traffic is up significantly. Roughly 80 people are viewing the major posts. Board minutes and Commodores Corner popular.
      • Dues communication added to the website and Facebook. Deadline is March 1st. Membership form PDF added to Join page.
    3. Facilities/equipment
      • Sue requested approval for storage containers for the pavilion closet up to $150. Approved by all.
      • Sue organized and cleaned up dock and pavilion closet. Final cost under $100.
      • Sue will collect projector screen and speakers.
    4. Promotional materials
      • Club promotional materials collected from prior board. Sue has the koozies, stickers and speakers.
      • Discussion of ordering burgees this year with several companies discussed. Specifics to be determined. Approved by Michelle, Julie, and Larry.
    5. Socials and Events
      • SOCIAL – March 28: Wearing O’ the Green
        • Celtic Cheer not available- Sue to provide music
      • SOCIAL – April 25: SSC Reunion
        • Invitation letter created by Sue to be sent out on February 23rd.
    6. Miscellaneous
      • Bryan McGuire’s Boy Scouts have acquired several small sailboats and would like to learn on them. Sue discussing with several members.
      • Sue wants members to know that they can receive a phone call reminder of events.
  • Next Meeting: March meeting will be asynchronous via group messaging. Minutes will be posted with actions/votes at the conclusion of the month.

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