April Update: Marina Office and Pumpout

Folks, just hoping to keep you up to date on a few things that may impact you during this extended time of social distancing. It seems we are stuck with digital updates instead of real life gatherings for the near future. Without further ado….

New Pumpout Location 💩 – According to our sources at the marina, the pumpout is in the process of being relocated to the end of the new dock. (Yes, you can happy dance now. I might have mentioned a poop emoji themed party was in order when I heard this news.) In these crappy times, you now have something to look forward to. They hope to have the pumpout setup in the new location in the next week.

Bathrooms Closed 🧻 – All the bathrooms are closed. This gives us a greater appreciation for the new pumpout. (And a definite urgency to see it completed ASAP!)

Water on the Docks 💦 – I think most of you know this already (because I see you out here washing your boats), but wanted to mention that the water is on- docks 7 and 8 confirmed… presumed to be so on 6.

Marina Office Closed 🚪- As a reminder, the marina office is closed. You can reach out to them via phone or email (or Fb messenger) if you need assistance. You can call ahead for an appointment if you need anything.

Board Minutes 📄 – Since all we are doing is voting to cancel things, no new minutes have been added.

We miss seeing you, but appreciate your efforts during this time to comply with guidelines. Thank you to everyone who is welcoming our interested newbies in the Fb group!

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