Commodore’s Corner – A few sailing activities…

Yes, Spring is here, but somehow we are still suffering from cabin fever. Get your cabin mates and head out to your boat, we have a few suggestions that will hopefully cause you to smile and still keep your safe distance. How about you get your favorite T-shirt, sweat shirt, etc from your attic or out of your Halloween box. Dress the family up with some craziness and head to the lake, see if you can catch up to those other boats, snap some pics and post them on our Facebook page.

Here’s the deal:

  • May 2nd, get the crazy shirts 👘 out and show them off. Yes, show them off on the Spindrift page.
  • May 16th, get that flag 🏴‍☠️ out that you purchased on a vacation or a celebration and fly it with pride from your boat, or even better, create something that represents you or your beloved, crazy family. See what the other members have come up with. Post your pics!
  • May 30th, Add some bling or maybe some pinwheels to a hat 👑, be creative. Pics and post.
  • June 13th, let’s be noisy 🎷, bring your horn’s, saxophone’s, kazoo’s. Let people know that you’re out there. You might want to turn the sound and video on for this one

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for activities at the lake where we can be together but separate.

Commodore Sue Oats

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