Picinic and Movie

0n the evening of June 13th come join us for a picnic and movie starting at 7:00pm.

The idea is to have family tables or small groups of people that you are comfortable with, per table on the deck at the pavilion.  In order to make everyone comfortable, we will supply signs to say, “family bubble” and another that would say this is a “non-bubble table”. We certainly respect the fact that some of us continue to have medical sensitivities.

Please plan to bring their own meal, drinks and snacks. Also, people can bring bag chairs if they would like to sit out in the grass.  
We will hang the movie screen at the opening of the pavilion. About 8:30pm, we plan to start the movie, Captain Ron. Sorry we have been unable to make certain updates on the calendar. There will not be a kids movie feature this night, but Captain Ron is probably for 13 and up.

We hope to see you there.

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