Goonies movie, hot dogs and personalized stepping stones, August 29th

We’re planning a kid’s evening on August 29th. The plan is to start the evening at 6:00 with some hotdogs for dinner. We’ll also have waters and chips. After dinner, Jeananne is going to coach the kids in making stepping stones. If your kids have any special shells, beads or small stones that they would like to put in their cement stepping stone, please bring them.  

At sunset, around 8:15, we’re going to start the Goonies movie. If you haven’t seen it, this movie is rated PG-13. (From what I remember, there’s alittle light language and a kiss.) It’s a fun movie for adults as well as the kids. For comfort in viewing, you might bring your bag chairs, but the tables and seats are available.  You might want to bring an extra snack for movie time.

Please RSVP so we have an idea how many will attend. If it’s more then you and one child, please add a comment with the number of kids. Yes, adults with no kids are invited because this movie is great for all.

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