Cancelled – SSC December Social


Due to the climbing Covid numbers and considering that the Social tomorrow would be held indoors and in considerably close quarters I have decided to cancel the event. I apologize for the short notice but recently circumstances have changed which made me rethink the chances that would be taken for this gathering. 
I know that a lot of you would have liked to have seen your sailing mate’s one more time before the really cold weather hits, but I didn’t think it’s worth the risk. I hope you agree. 
The board will be getting together, per IM, in the upcoming week to pull together our past year as far as announcing racing trophies and of course your new Board members.  
I know everyone is tired of hearing that “it’s been a trying year” but it really has. Despite that, the club has grown,  we have accomplished a lot and had some fun along the way. Fortunately, being involved with a bunch of sailors has made it easier. All of you have been so flexible, helpful and accepting of the adjustments and changes that we have had to make over the year and we appreciate it.  We will be putting out more info soon. 

Stay in touch, stay healthy and keep smiling!
Commodore, Sue

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