Your 2021 Board

Your 2021 Board

Posted on by smoats1gmailcom

I am so excited to announce your 2021 Board Members. As you may know, we decided to cancel our last social of the year because………well, let’s just say Covid had something to do with it. 

Your new Commodore is Kim Hale

Rear Commodore is Sandy Larkins-Hayes

Secretary is Michelle Dial

Treasurer, Ashley Massey

Race Commodore, John Langham

Commodore of Training, Larry Miers

Commodores, Thank you for taking on this new challenge and donating your time to the club. Unfortunately, we still have this grey cloud over our heads, (yes, that Covid thing) but as you probably have experienced, once you get out to the lake everything’s brighter and I know that you guys will make 2021 a fun and special year. 

A special thanks to Michelle and Larry for giving another year of their time to the club.  With your past experience, I know you will be a huge help advising the new board members with any questions or ideas that they might have. 

I know that the Racers were also anxious to find out who won the fall season, well here it is………….

Third place, Kindred Spirit, Patti and Dave Lehman

Second place, Mariah, Ron Hosie

First place, Sariah, Ed Lampkin

Ed also took the Overall winner for the year.

Congrats to all of you! The trophies will be handed out in the spring, but if for some reason you won’t be here, please contact Mark.  

Best wishes and Sail On, 

Commodore Sue

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