Burning of the Socks – 4/24 @ 5pm

We had one final winter blast this week with snow and freezing temperatures but now it’s officially time to kick off those socks and put on your sandals! Redbud Marina is hosting the Burning of the Socks event this year which will feature live music, food trucks, a beer tent, and of course, a bonfire to burn those old socks. The event starts at 5pm this Saturday, 4/24 — please note that the Facebook event created by the marina might reflect 12-6pm but the correct time is from 5pm-11pm. The food trucks which will be present include Shorties Grill, Waffle Dog, a candy truck, and possibly also a BBQ truck. This event is open to the public so bring your folding chairs since seating at the pavilion may be limited depending on how many people show up on Saturday. Put on your flip flops, bring some cash for food and drinks, and get ready to burn those socks this Saturday night at Redbud Marina!

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