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Updates & March Social Cancellation

Ahoy there, Sprindrift mates! Although we have posted on social media and the website, we also wanted to send an email to give you a brief update on upcoming activities. The Board has cancelled the March social next weekend to allow us to all follow the guidelines for social distancing in the coming weeks. We…

February 2020 Board Minutes

Asynchronous (via email and messenger) Board Members Present: Sue Oats, Michelle Dial, Larry Miers, Julie Cunningham, Mark Owens Absent: None Guests: None Minutes: No prior minutes to approve. General Discussion (All Board Participation) Maps Discussion of Oologah chart book development similar to the one from Grand Lake. As there is an existing fishing map for…

April Social: Reunion 2020

We all know that sailing the Sea of Oologah is always quite the experience, not only the sailing itself, but the camaraderie that we have gained over the years. We thought it would be fun to get together with our long lost friends to riminess and tell the tall tales. Also, dig to the bottom…